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About enterprise Smakosvit OOO TM Smak Maks

The Smakosvit Produkt company of TM "Relish Max" is engaged in production of food additives for food areas of the industry, and also starting cultures for the meat-processing industry. Food additives from TM "Relish Max" is absolutely new round in the field of the food industry. We make food additives for bakery production, for production of confectionery, raw smoked products, ice cream and milkshakes, confectionery. We offer — exclusive development at the request of the client, we guarantee an individual approach and technological support. The trademark of SMAKMAKS makes only high-quality production at competitive prices. All products of the company without fail conform to national legislative requirements. We have a possibility of development of the new additives similar import and the meat products having high potential of application by production. We make a maximum of efforts in assistance to rise and prosperity of our clients, by production and introduction of advanced technologies in all branches of processing industry. Our purpose – to be the professional and authoritative company which the enterprises of the food industry will prefer all others, choosing the reliable partner of the business. Strategy of the company is aimed at long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with all our clients therefore we are sure that cooperation with us will be for you pleasant and favorable.
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